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Escorted Tours

Dates through December 2021

Habsburg City Gems 7-Nights Escorted Tours with Prague, Vienna and Budapest

7-Night - Prague, Vienna, and Budapest

A new tour and itinerary for 2021 to bring the Habsburg Empire to life! Enjoy opera and classical music performances, tour historic sights, all with the services of a professional tour director and Whisper technology to enhance your touring experience!

Dates through September 2021

Grandeur and History of Poland

7-Night tour of Poland

Dates through September 2021

A beautiful tour of Poland, featuring Warsaw, Gdansk, Torun, Wroclaw, and Krakow. The tour also features five UNESCO World Heritage sites and incredible sightseeing

Dates through December 2021

Bygone and Present Day Discovery of Germany

7-Night tour of Germany

Dates through December 2021

Discovery the bygone and present day beauty and history of Germany. See Berlin, the capital and chief urban center of Germany. Visit Potsdam and it's Sanssouci Palace. Enjoy Munich, the gateway to Bavaria and of course Neuschwanstein Castle, a must see!

Dates through October 2021

Once Upon a Time in Yugoslavia

13-Night tour of Eastern and Central Europe

Dates through December 2021

A fabulous 13-night adventure of Eastern and Central Europe that brings you the countries that were once known as Yugoslavia. Visit unexplored Albania. Visit a local artisan in Dubrovnik. Learn how Bosnian coffee is made in Sarajevo along with a traditional lunch. A perfect mix of rich history, sights and touring not to be missed.

Independent Journeys

Daily departures from January to October 2021

Prague, Vienna, & Budapest- 6 Night Independent Journey by train

6-Night Independent Journey from Prague to Vienna to Budapest

Discover the beauty of historical Prague, Vienna & Budapest in this lovely 6 night tour. Enjoy all of Prague's favorite attractions and immerse yourself in the rich history of Austria's capital, Vienna. End your tour with two nights in the unforgettable city of Budapest, with its awe inspiring architecture alongside the magnificent Danube River.

Daily departures from January to October 2021

Berlin, Prague & Munich- 7 Night Independent Journey by train

6-Night Independent Journey Berlin to Prague to Munich

Discover some of the most enchanting and historic places central Europe has to offer on this independent journey. Experience the sights and sounds of Czech Republic and two of Germany's most interesting cities.

Daily departures from January to October 2021

Berlin, Prague, Vienna & Salzburg- 7 Night Independent Journey by train

7-Night Independent Journey from Berlin to Prague to Vienna to Salzburg

An independent journey exploring the wonders of Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Salzburg. Check out the impressive Kaiser Wilhelm Church while in Berlin, or perhaps the fantastic Prague Castle in the capital of Czech Republic. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable local culture, food, and people.

Daily departures from April to October 2021

Warsaw, Wroclaw, & Krakow- 6 Night Independent Journey by train

6-Night Independent Journey from Warsaw to Wroclaw to Krakow

Come experience the proud history of Poland with this 6 night tour. We start in Warsaw, the energetic heart of Poland. Dive into the deep culture of Wroclaw city, and end the tour exploring the marvelous Krakow and all of the beauty it has to offer.

Daily departures from April to October 2021

Ljubljana, Bled & Porec - 3- night independent journey

3- Night Independent Journey- Ljubljana, Bled & Porec

Come experience the natural beauty of the small yet incredible European country, Slovenia. on this 4 day journey, experience the Capitals Old Town, a Pletna boat ride, and a visit to the impressive Bled Castle. Pass through the impressive Vipava valley to enjoy your last day in Porec. A must see!

Daily departures from April to October 2021

Ljubljana, Postojna, Portoroz, & Bled- 6 Night Independent Journey

6-Night Independent Journey from Ljubljana to Postojna to Portoroz to Bled

If you are seeking to experience natural beauty, rich history, and a beautiful sea side town, then this 7 day tour is for you. From Postojna Cave to Bled Castle this tour will leave you in awe of the beauty that Slovenia has to offer. During this tour, you will have a private tour of a stud farm and stables, and tour unique areas by a miniature electric train. Experience the Adriatic "Port of Roses", a charming seaside town.

Daily departures from March to October 2021

Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar & Dubrovnik-6- Night ndependent tour

6 Night Independent Journey- from Belgrade to Sarajevo to Mostar to Dubrovnik

A one of a kind journey through the heart of central Europe. During this tour, you will explore three incredible countries and the rich history they have to offer. Sights include Kalemegdans fortress, Husef bay's mosque, and a tour of a typical Turkish house. This tour ends in beautiful Dubrovnik.. why not independently explore its ancient city walls?